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  • Chris Goumas

So, Now you are Live on Workday! Top 10 Things you Wish you Knew.

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

So, Now you are Live on Workday! Top 10 Things you wish you knew before you started.

- “Digital HR is a Vision, but Implementing Workday is a Project.”

Not everyone has the same issues, but a common set of them would including some of the following:

  1. The Workday project ended up over budget and behind. You realize that you did not have a robust internal project management process and relied on the Partner for PM guidance.

  2. Go-Live is not an end, but a beginning. There is a gap between what you thought you were going to get, and what got implemented. You need to figure out how to quickly close this.

  3. Hypercare (post go-live) is full of bug fixes, catch ups, new tickets, and punch-list items from implementation that prevent you from starting your journey at 100%.

  4. The limited knowledge transfer during implementation has not fully prepared your team for their responsibilities of ownership. They are burned out and falling behind.

  5. Data is not as accurate as you were hoping for and maybe you are finding some functionality gaps related to incorrect, forgotten or skipped business requirements.

  6. Planned secondary roadmap items like open enrollment, performance, focal review, year-end, or other hard deadlines are looming but things are taking much longer than anticipated.

  7. Workday’s next software release is just around the corner and you do not have a plan for ingesting the changes, nor testing your current solution for issues.

  8. You realize your day-to-day ownership and support teams are not structured correctly and do not have the right mix of attributes/people. Some if this miss was based on how the product was sold into you.

  9. Leadership has aggressive plans for Workday that are adding to the pressure. They want a quick payoff to the investment, and more reports and dashboards than you planned.

  10. A competitive marketplace for Workday talent leads to the loss of one or more of your key team members, or someone takes untimely mat/pat leave. You are short-staffed and need help.

Workday was supposed to make things easier, but it doesn’t feel that way. You can see how it could be much better, but so many tweaks are still in front of you. It is a fantastic system, but it needs the right support and operational process.

These are all good reasons to have a quality Workday consulting firm on Standby. You do not necessarily need them doing work, but you need to know them, have them under contract and be ready to jump when something goes wrong. When it does, you will need to move fast.

CloudSmartHR is 100% Workday focused. We help Workday customers to get the most out of their Workday investment.

We support your Workday needs before, during and/or after your implementation and can help you mitigate or avoid the issues listed above. And without any Newbies. Only a tenured team to immediately help you whenever you need. Workday Support On-Demand.

Contact us at , or call us at (888) 585-5799...if you would like to discuss any of the above. Visit our home page for a special offer of complimentary hours where we can help you roadmap your way out of your current no cost to you!

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